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WK Accounting & Tax Services Inc. is formed by Canadian Accountant and is proud to assist Canadian in general. My company is serving Peel and Halton Region (Milton) in particular with their Personal Tax Return, Business Taxation, Bookkeeping / Accounting needs, HST filling, Registration of Corporation, Insurance and Financial planning etc


Very professional. Always on time and Efficient. Thank you Wajahat 

Willy Behrens

It all starts with great advice. 

The right advice at the right time can help you: 

  • Make better decisions,  
  • Make the most of your money, 
  • Financially protect yourself and your loved ones, 
  • Reduce money-related stress and anxiety, and 
  • Reach your financial goals.  

Real people, really great advice. 

Are you a new homeowner? Or just starting a family? Or maybe you’re heading into retirement? 

Wherever you are in life right now, having a great advisor on your side can make all the difference to your financial health and well-being. 

When it comes to money, is your energy focused mostly on your day-to-day finances? That’s fine. But 

it helps if you can also build a customized plan that can take you further and help you: 

  • save for today and the future, 
  • reach your short-term goals, and 
  • achieve your long-term goals. 

Smart Investing 

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