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WK Accounting & Tax Services Inc. is formed by Canadian Accountant and is proud to assist Canadian in general. My company is serving Peel and Halton Region (Milton) in particular with their Personal Tax Return, Business Taxation, Bookkeeping / Accounting needs, HST filling, Registration of Corporation, Insurance and Financial planning etc

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Your Primerica Term Coverage Has the Most Valuable Options and Benefits in the Industry

Protecting your family’s financial welfare with life insurance is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in life. That’s why choosing the right company and agent is important. 

Personalized Solutions & Financial Education

Do you know any other life insurers whose representatives will come to your home and review your financial goals and dreams with you and help you form a game plan to get there? Primerica Services Inc. does just that.

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Customizable Coverage and One Policy Fee Helps You Save

One life policy through Primerica Services Inc. will cover your entire family and save you money. Other companies will sell you separate policies to cover each member of your family. Coverage through Primerica Services Inc. is with one policy – along with spouse and child riders to protect your whole family.

happy mid adult couple signing contract with their agent office
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Disability Waiver of Premium

If you are ever totally disabled, a Disability Waiver of Premium can allow you to stop paying your life insurance premiums and still have your coverage remain in force.

Increasing Benefit Rider (IBR)

To protect your insurance coverage from inflation, life policies through Primerica Services Inc. can increase your face amount by 10 percent annually for 10 years. Think about what food, cars, university educations or just about anything cost 20 or even 10 years ago and compare that to what they cost today. Think about what they will cost 10, 20 or 30 years down the road and you can see how valuable IBRs are to your family. You just don’t know what insurance needs you will have in the future due to family or other demands.

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Terminal Illness Benefit

People are usually sick before they die. They may not be able to work but everyday bills continue. Medical bills can be especially financially crippling. A family might also need money for final wishes such as travel. Primerica Services Inc. policies can pay up to 70 percent of the primary or spouse’s benefit while they are still living with a terminal disease. Minimize your family’s financial worries with a Terminal Illness Benefit.

No War Exclusion

Primerica’s life companies do not have war or terror clauses in their policies.

Fourteen Days Average Payment Time

Primerica Services Inc.’s life companies pay 94% of claims within 14 days.

woman with baby son choosing car car salon
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Credibility and Quality
Reputation, Financial Rating and Service
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Automatic Increase Request – AIR

Primerica’s revolutionary process, AIR, is an innovation that allows you to tap one little button at the time of application and make a huge difference in the lives of your family.

Automatic Increasing Benefit Rider

Automatic Increasing Benefit Rider for Primary and Spouse — Increasing Benefit Rider

Living Benefits

Child Rider Benefits

Entire Family Coverage
smiling bank manager showing his senior customers where sign contract during meeting office
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Financial Needs Analysis — FNA

To help families better understand their personal finances, Primerica offers the Financial Needs Analysis (FNA). The FNA is complimentary, confidential, and customized. The FNA gives a detailed overview of your current financial situation and suggests a personalized strategy for your financial security.

Who Could Benefit From an FNA?

Here’s an overview of the FNA’s five basic sections and the information you’ll receive from each:
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